How do I look when we speak online?

02 Jul 2018
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Do not be embarrassed. It is very important to be relaxed. Imagine that you are actually close to your loved one. Will you be so shy? And even more so, you should not nervously giggle and say phrases like “Well, I cannot do this, do not look at me!” This will cause your man to also feel embarrassed, as well as destroy the romantic mood and make a virtual date a failure. I know, video conferences are different from real meetings. However, most dating sites, like, are technically equipped to make your call as convenient as possible. Be natural. Still, too much to overplay and build from a romantic.

Getting ready for video conference with a beloved

02 Jul 2018
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If you are at a great distance, this does not mean that you need to run yourself. Be sure to clean yourself up, dress nicely, make an attractive make-up. You can even use perfume. This will make you sexier and prettier for you, and you will feel completely different. Prepare the atmosphere around you. Choose an app with video chat or if you met via a dating site, like, open a video chat there. It is very important that in the room in which you arrange a date on the video call, it is clean and smells pleasantly. Put candles, decorate everything, put flowers on the table. Let your.

Hard to Trust

30 May 2018
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At first I thought that online dating was a thing, which I couldn’t trust. People manage to lie about themselves on Tinder while being from one country. It was obvious for me that people would lie about themselves while being on the different sides of the Atlantic. But I decided to give a try, as my friends continued to convince me that it really works. I created an account without having any high hopes. But I fell in love with one girl, and willing to take the risk travelled to Ukraine to see her. Well, now I trust online daters. Watch interesting video:

Don’t overdo things

17 May 2018
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At times it seems totally right to text your prospective spouse several times a day and putting very much effort into this developing . Yes, human communication is actually a hard work and some effort should obviously be put to it. But it’s also important that you don’t overdo your endeavors. If so, you risk seeming desperate for attention or just looking desperate at best. Likewise, this opening prelationshiphase of a relationship is subtle and elegant; keeping it too real as well as making it too majestic or unbelievable may work against you. Find the right spot and make sure that your efforts are not going to be wasted. Watch.

Understand your needs

02 May 2018
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Living the life “prescribed” by the society, following the traditional path – there’s nothing wrong with these concepts, especially considering that they have worked perfectly for so many individuals. BUT not for everyone by far. Don’t think that if you’re getting to your 30s you need to get married and start a “real” family as soon as possible ( No, you are the only one who knows your desires and needs. If having a casual NSA relationship suits you much better at this point in life – go on and live it the way you want. Just remember that you are solely responsible for your decisions, regardless if the results.

Hello world!

08 Jan 2014
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